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Draft Minutes from the AGM held on 24th March 2014

  1. Apologies for absence

Sue Powell, Margaret Davies, Katrina Stephens, Barry Sleet, Tony Hunt, Wallace Knowles, Allison & Andrew Chalmers, Chris Bartlett, Jan & David Mander, Margaret Daly, Richard & Paula Czepek, Denise Robertson, Annie Titmus, Barbara Wardle, William & Judith Hazelton, Elaine & Rob George, Sylvia Jardine, Patricia Woodward, Thelma Phillips, Christopher Glenn.

  1. Minutes of the 29th Annual General Meeting

These were accepted as accurate and complete.

  1. Chairman’s Report

The Chairman was pleased to report another successful year. The New Year Walk was well-attended; the Annual Dinner was excellent; and the walking weekend on the Isle of Wight was very successful. The social in November was also enjoyed by many, as was the unusual version of the Round the Houses. She thanked everyone who was involved in the organisation of these events.
At the previous AGM it was suggested that walk descriptions might include details of heights climbed, but this was considered impractical by the committee. Also raised was the wider disclosure of personal contact details, but this was also not taken forward due to Freedom of Information constraints.
The Chairman finished by encouraging members to keep submitting walks for the programme and wishing the Group well for the next 30 years.  

  1. Treasurer’s Report

Last year’s Annual Dinner received an £80 subsidy from funds, whereas the Walking Weekend on the Isle of Wight generated a surplus of £66.61. We are holding deposits for both the 2014 Anniversary Dinner and the planned Walking Weekend in Snowdonia,
Receipts and expenses are in line with earlier years and leave us with a surplus of £713.52. Adding this to our current account and allowing for the planned dinner, the walking weekend and a small stock of sweatshirts gives us a net financial balance of funds and stock of £3,401.58.
It was agreed that subscriptions should remain at £18 joint, £10 single and £5 social for the year ending 30th April 2015.
It was also agreed that group funds could be used to part-subsidise the 30th Anniversary Barbecue at the committee’s discretion.
Finally thanks were given to Gill James for acting as independent examiner. She agreed to continue in the role.

  1. Membership Secretary’s Report

Harry reported that we had 123 members at the time of the last AGM (following a free year). Over the year we have lost 17 members, but gained 16 new ones, making our current membership 122.

  1. Walk’s Co-ordinator’s Report

Jon Powell thanked members for contributing to a full and varied walk’s programme, despite inclement weather at times. He encouraged new members to put walks on in conjunction with experienced members to gain confidence.
103 walks completed (+6 on previous year)
140 walkers participated (16 members didn’t walk)
642 miles have been walked (+90 on previous year)
52 members have led walks
Gill Moxham participated in 62% of walks
Mary Richards in 60%
Graham Brown in 51%
Rosemary Sutton led most walks.

  1. Election of Officers

There being one nomination for each of the vacant positions, the following were elected unopposed:
David Mason – Chairman
Martin Hudson – Secretary
Hilary Smart – Treasurer
Rosemary Sutton – Walks’ Co-ordinator
Virginia Jensen – Committee
Denise Robertson – Committee
John Smart – Committee

Harry Britten-Austin agreed to continue as Webmaster ex-officio.

President John Pullen thanked Gill Moxham for her tireless service as Chairman and presented her with flowers to mark her retirement from the committee.

After refreshments there was an interesting illustrated talk by Nic Howes on the subject of Geography and Walking in Herefordshire.



















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