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Draft Minutes from the AGM held on 31st March 2015

      Apologies for absence

Christopher Glenn, Katrina Stephens, Denise Robertson, Richard Czepek, Tony Hunt, Jan & David Mander, Liz Bailey, Helen Lobb, Alex Boswell, Andrew Chalmers, Annie Titmus, Gill Blows, Roger Pickering, Gill Moxham, Margaret Williams, Thelma Phillips.

  1. Minutes of the 30th AGM

These were accepted as accurate and complete.

  1. Chairman’s Report

The Chairman thanked members for their support in his first year in the chair.  He said the year had been full and interesting and a fitting way to celebrate our 30th Anniversary, with an excellent dinner in April and a delightful barbecue in September. He thanked all those involved with these special arrangements and also congratulated the organisers of the Round the Houses Walk and the New Year Walk, which were well attended and well run.  The residential trip to Snowdonia was very successful, with many members summiting despite the weather. The Chairman thanked Richard Czepek for his hard work in organising the trip.
The Chairman encouraged members to maintain their excellent support of the walks programme and to mentor new members in the leadership role. He also asked members to consider whether we should contribute to the welfare of our local walking area through organised litter-picks or other community actions.
Finally, he thanked the committee for their support and presented Martin Hudson with a gift on stepping down as Secretary after his 3 year term.  He also thanked Bob Robertson for circulating information to members for the committee and announced that he, the Chairman, would be taking on this task from now on.
He looked forward to another year of good walking and fellowship.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

Dinner/BBQ/Walking Weekend – 56 members attended the dinner at Glewstone Court. A gratuity of £80 was paid from general funds. 68 members attended the BBQ for which income was £420. This amount was totally expended on catering and the hire of the band. The balance of £149.37 was taken from funds. 32 members took part in the Snowdonia residential which resulted in a surplus of £32.01.
General Account – Income for the year was £1065.01, down on the previous year due to a reduction in member numbers. Expenditure was 641.81, leaving a surplus of £423.20 for the year. Our current account stands at £4839.78 plus sweatshirt stock (9) of £135, making a total funds and assets of £4974.78. From this we have to deduct funds held for the the 2015 dinner (£450) and the October walking residential (£700), giving a final balance of funds and assets of £3824.78.
Treasurer’s report be accepted – carried unanimously
Subscriptions for existing members to be set at £9 joint, £5 single and £2 social for new year– carried unanimously. They will remain at £18, £10 and £5 for new members.
Vote of thanks to independent examiner Gill James and re-appointment – agreed unanimously.

  1. Membership Secretary’s Report

At the end of 2013/14 year we had 122 members of whom 13 did not re-join, leaving membership at 109 for 2014/15. We have already welcomed 3 new members this year making the current total 112.

  1. Walks Co-ordinator’s report

Rosemary thanked all who submitted walks. She said there had been a good variety and a fairly good mix of grades. Submission of walks via the on-line form is working well. If anyone wants to reserve a date in the forward planner, Rosemary can do this as long as full details are submitted by the closing date of the relevant months. She echoed the Chairman’s request for experienced members to mentor new leaders, for example by taking them on recces.  Virginia Jensen suggested that a high and a low grade walk could be arranged on the same day and this might help to keep group sizes more manageable. Otherwise, more attention needs to be given to management of large groups.
Gill James reported that, in total, 99 out of 122 members have walked. There have been 84 walks on the programme, totalling 528 miles, which is 13 miles down on last year. 51 members have led or co-led walks, with 11 members leading 6 or more walks. Michael and Esther Abrahams have led 11 walks. Mary Richards has completed 69% of walks on the programme; Ruth Harrison 68% and the Abrahams 56%.
Robin Bailey presented the RWG Walking Doll and a certificate to Mary. The doll will become the annual trophy to be presented to the winner each year.

  1. Election of Committee

There being one nomination for each of the vacant positions, the following were elected unopposed:
David Mason – Chairman
Paula Czepek – Secretary
Hilary Smart – Treasurer/Membership Secretary
Rosemary Sutton – Walks Co-ordinator
Virginia Jensen – Committee
John Smart – Committee
Barry Sleet – Committee

After refreshments Andy and Karen Johnson gave an illustrated talk about their books, with particular reference to Herefordshire and Spain. The Chairman thanked the speakers and everyone for their attendance.

Martin Hudson
Secretary                                                                                     2nd April 2015


















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