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Draft Minutes from the AGM held on 21st March 2016





 Minutes of 31st AGM

Chairman’s Report
(David Mason)





Treasurer’s Report
(Hilary Smart)









 Membership Secretary’s report
(Hilary Smart)

 Walks Co-ordinator’s report
(Rosemary Sutton)





Walking statistics
(Gill James)









Chris James


Joan Mason

Election of Officers




 President –retiring

President 2016 -19








AGM 2017


Alison Edwards, Sue Edwards, Stuart and Gill Blows, Ian and Theresa Foster, Ronnie and Brian Bunting, Jane Turner, Liz Bailey, Andrew and Allison Chalmers, William and Judith Hazelton, Helen Lobb, Sue and Jon Powell, Richard Czepek, John Lutkin, Alex Boswell, Helen Willingham, Annie Titmus, Henrike Williams, Denise Robertson, Norman and Brenda Pomfrit

Signed as correct. No matters arising

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and said the Club was going from strength to strength with membership numbers remaining stable and the walks programme offering two walks a week on most weeks.
He thanked all those involved in arranging social activities, notably Richard Czepek and the walks leaders for organising a successful few days in Bridport; Di Hudson, Grethe and supporters for a well organised Summer Picnic; Paula and Ronnie for ‘Around the Houses’ and Sue and Jon for an extremely well attended and very successful New Year Walk.  Special thanks went to Harry for continuing to act as Webmaster for the Club.
The Annual Dinner was enjoyed but attended by fewer members than previously and owing to lack of interest this year’s dinner had to be cancelled. The Chairman welcomed comments and suggestions as to whether members still wanted the Club to organise social events, a skittles evening has previously been mentioned. 
John and Hilary Smart are organising a midweek break at Dunster for October 2016, places are still available.
Finally the Chairman thanked the committee for all their hard work and John Pullen, who is stepping down after 3 years as President, for his unfailing support and encouragement.   

45 Members attended the 2015 Dinner at The Chase Hotel costing a total of £1,100. A Gratuity of £80 given to the hotel staff was paid from general funds.
49 Members attended the September picnic each paying £2.50, giving an income of £122.50. This was spent on cake and hire of the band making an overspend of £189.13, which was taken from funds.
41 members attended the Bridport Walking Holiday which resulted in a small deficit of £26 which formed part of the gratuity to hotel staff.
Receipts were down on previous years due to the half rate subscription renewals for members. Equally expenses were a little higher due to printing, stationary, web hosting costs, car parking donations and the contribution to the picnic costs.
The overall result was an income of £582 against an expenditure of £742.95 resulting in a loss of £160.95 for the year. In order to sell the remaining sweatshirts they have been reduced from £15 each to £5 meaning this asset now stands at £35 instead of £135 as quoted last year.
Our current account stands at £4,430.83 plus sweatshirt stock (7) of £35 making total funds and assets of £4,465.83. From this we have to deduct funds held for the 2016 October Walking Weekend of £910, giving a final balance of funds and assets of £3,555.83.
The Committee has agreed a second year at halved subscription rates for existing members for 2006/17, ie joint and single membership at £9 and £5 respectively and social membership reduced to £2. New members joining will still pay the full rates of £18, £10 and £5 respectively.

The Treasurer gave a vote of thanks to Gill James for auditing the accounts and Gill was reappointed as the accounts independent examiner for the next year.

 At the end of the 2014/15 year had 109 members of whom 16 did not re-join. During the year we have welcomed 12 new members making a total of 105. We already have 3 new members for the coming year so at the start of the 2016/7 period there are a total of 108 members.

Harry was thanked for producing the new membership cards. 

A special thanks to Harry for managing the walks on the web.

The Walks Co-ordinator thanked everyone for submitting walks of which there has been a good variety and a mix of grades.  We have been round the Forest, up the Brecon Beacons, the Black Mountains, Sugar Loaf, and we have taken a bus to Hay-on-Wye,  to name but a few.
This year we have seen some members leading walks for the first time and the Walks Co-ordinator encouraged those new to leading walks to speak to her if they would like some support. Submission of walks via the on-line form is the easiest way of submitting details and if leaders wish to reserve a date on the Forward Planner they can do so via email to the Walks Co-ordinator, making sure full details are with her by the closing date of the relevant programme.
There have been 89 walks on the programme, 5 more than last year, totalling 574 miles, which is an increase of 46.  The total number of walkers has increased this year from 1527 to 1570, making an average of 18 per walk.   54 members have lead or co-lead walks, a slight increase over last year.

Gill thanked everyone for sending the list of walkers for walks during the year.    
There are 128 names on her list, which includes prospective members and guests, and all paid up members. 27 have not walked with the Group during the year, some not for 2 years or more.  Walks submitted to the programme, and walked, included 9 walks under 5 miles, 33 walks between 5 and 6½, 37 between 7 and 8½ and 9 over 9 miles.  There were 3 walks at Grade 1, 21 at Grade 2, 62 at Grade 3, and 2 at Grade 4, so a good variety of length and grade, bearing in mind that the grade depends on obstacles and not length.  Previously mountain walks have been included in Grade 4, and some are now classified as Grade 3.

94 people, compared with 88 last year, have walked less than 25%, with only 8 completing more than 50% of the walks.   However, Mary Richards has completed an amazing 78% that is 64 walks, Jane Wright has done 65%, being 53 walks and Esther and Mike Abrahams have walked 63%, completing 52 walks. 

54 members, 3 more than last year have lead or co-lead walks with 13 members leading 5 or more walks each during the year.    It is a close run thing for the ones leading most walks, with Mike and Esther achieving a total of 12, Mary Richards, 11 and Virginia Jensen 10.

Mary Richards was awarded the trophy for completing the most number of walks and Mike and Esther Abrahams were awarded a Wainwright’s walking notebook for their efforts in leading walks.

Statistics of Walks – see attachment

Chris raised the question of grading a walk and drew attention to the guidelines for a Grade 4 walk, the grading of which could be used more frequently.

Joan felt that the idea of having 2 walks on the same day if of different grades should still stand. This was agreed by the Walks Co-ordinator. There were no objections.

There being one nomination for each of the vacant positions, the following were elected unopposed:
David Mason – Chairman
Paula Czepek – Secretary
Hilary Smart – Treasurer/Membership secretary
Rosemary Sutton – Walks co-ordinator
Virginia Jensen – Committee
John Smart – Committee
Barry Sleet – Committee

John Pullen is at the end of his term as President. The Chairman thanked him for his input into the club and committee over the years.

Jean Harrison was nominated as President for the next three years and this was approved by all those in attendance.
Jean thanked everyone for the honour.

The formal meeting closed at 7.30pm

Richard Walker gave a presentation on the Brontes of Haworth and was thanked by the Chairman for an interesting talk.



Signed ........................................................................


20th March


P Czepek 23/3/2016 




















































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