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Minutes from the AGM held on 6th April 2017




Minutes of 32nd  AGM

Chairman’s Report
(David Mason)






Treasurer’s Report
(Hilary Smart)














Membership Secretary’s report
(Hilary Smart)


Walks Co-ordinator’s report
(Rosemary Sutton)












Walking statistics
(Gill James)












Chris James


Election of Officers






Jean Harrison




Sue and Jon Powell, Hilary Rowe, Gill and Stuart Blows, Chris Bartlett, Sharon Hayes, Mary Richards, Alex Boswell, Ronnie and Bryan Bunting, Jane Turner, Jane Wright, Sue Dowdeswell, Judith Stares, Andrew Chalmers

Signed as correct. No matters arising


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and spoke about how the Club was going from strength to strength with walks being published most Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the year, occasionally on other days of the week too. Additional to walking the group has enjoyed several cycling days, a skittles evening and the usual Round the Houses and New Year’s Walk;  the lunch at the Dog at Over was particularly well attended.
David spoke about his role as Chairman and how it was just a figurehead and the successful running of the Club is down to the efforts and hard work of so many of the Club’s members as well as the Committee. David thanked the Committee for their unstinting support throughout the last year and gave special thanks to Harry for continuing to maintain the website and to Jean for her support and guidance as President.
As outgoing Chairman David wished the new Chairman and Committee every success in the future.

Skittles Social/Walking Weekend
38 members attended a very successful skittles social in September paying £10.25 each for supper. A total of £389.50 was paid to the Walwyn Inn. Small prizes left a deficit of £10 in the account.
32 members took part in the Dunster Walking Holiday which resulted in a deficit of £44 which was put towards a gratuity of £80 paid to the Yarn Market Hotel.
General Account
The overall result was an income of £538 against an expenditure of £641.12 leaving a loss of £103.12 for the year. This is partly due to the half rate subscription fees for the year and an increase in car parking donations. The figure of £171.50 AGM room hire as opposed to the £118.64 in the previous year is due to the fact that the AGM historically has been held at the Larruperz and the fees paid in arrears. Fees for the room hire this year at the Golf Club have been paid in advance. Therefore the figure covers two years’ AGM room hire fees. It should be noted that a figure of £100 has been paid to HF Holidays in the form of 100 £1 shares, to whom RWG is now affiliated. This should result in a small dividend payment to the Club in future years.
All sweatshirts have now been sold.
The current account stands at £3,624.71. From this we have to deduct funds held for the 2017 October Walking Weekend of £150 and £57 held for the AGM lunch as at the end of February, giving a final balance of £3,417.71.
The committee has discussed the healthy bank balance and have agreed a third year at the halved subscription rates for existing members for the 2017/18 year, i.e. joint and single memberships of £9 and £5 respectively and social membership reduced to £2. New members joining will pay the full rates of £18, £10 and £5 respectively.

Members unanimously accepted the Treasurer’s report.
The Treasurer gave a vote of thanks to Gill James for auditing the accounts and Gill was reappointed as the accounts independent examiner for the next year.

 At the end of the 2015/16 year we had 105 members of whom 18 did not re-join or resigned. During the year we have welcomed 9 new members making a total of 96. We already have 2 new members for the coming year so at the start of the 2017/18 period there are a total of 98 members.

Harry was thanked for producing the new membership cards and Hilary thanked the new treasurer/membership secretary for relieving her of her responsibilities.

A special thanks to Harry for managing the walks on the web.

The Walks Co-ordinator thanked everyone for submitting walks of which there has been a good variety and a mix of grades. As a group we have enjoyed walking in Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Powys, the Brecon Beacons and Black Mountains having featured several times. One walk, led by Mike and Esther Abrahams, saw the gents outnumber the ladies, a rare occurrence!
Thanks were given to those arranging Around the Houses during which we had a monetary collection for the Ross Community Larder, raising £164.08, including £50 from central funds. A special thank you also to Diane Hudson for organising the successful skittles evening.
This year we have seen some members leading walks for the first time and the Walks Co-ordinator encouraged those new to leading walks to speak to them if they would like some support. Submission of walks via the on-line form is the easiest way of submitting details and if leaders wish to reserve a date on the Forward Planner they can do so via email to the Walks Co-ordinator, making sure full details are with them by the closing date of the relevant programme.
There have been 93 walks on the programme, 2 more than last year, totalling 588 miles, which is an increase compared to last year of 14.  The total number of walkers has decreased this year from 1570 to 1462, making an average of 16 per walk.   49 members have lead or co-lead walks, a slight decrease over last year and surprisingly 8 paid members have not walked at all.
This year saw us do more walks under 5 miles with the majority being between 5 and 8.5. However, we have done 10 walks of between 9 and 10 miles and we have completed 5 grade 4 walks compared to last year’s 2.

There were 92 walks scheduled in our ‘walking year’ with 2 cancellations and some substitutions on the day due to poor weather.
Gill has 107 names on her list, including all paid up members and guests. 8 paid members have not walked with the group this year.
Walks submitted to the programme and walked, included

  • 15 walks under 5 miles
  • 34 walks between 5 and 6 ½ miles
  • 33 between 7 and 8 ½ miles
  • 10 over 9 miles

The % of walks per grade were –

  • Grade 1  2%
  • Grade 2  24%
  • Grade 3  69%
  • Grade 4   5%

76 people, compared with 94 last year, have walked less than 25%, with only 4 completing more than 50% of the walks. However, Mary Richards has completed an amazing 69%, ie 63 walks, Jane Wright 57% being 51 walks and Jean Harrison has walked 56%, completing 50 walks.
49 members, including 1 guest, have led or co-led walks with 14 members leading 5 or more walks each during the year. The most prolific leader, guiding 15 walks was Mary Richards. Mike and Esther Abrahams led 8 and Gill Moxham 7.
Mary Richards was praised and awarded prizes for leading and walking the most walks throughout the year.

Chris raised the question of grade descriptors, particularly at Grade 3. He felt it was time for a rethink of the grading. After a short discussion it was agreed that the new committee should have this on their agenda for the next committee meeting.

There being one nomination for each of the vacant positions, the following were elected unopposed:
Martin Hudson – Chairman
Paula Czepek – Secretary
Sue Edwards– Treasurer/Membership secretary
Ronnie Bunting – Walks co-ordinator
Jan Lelievre – Committee
Sue Dowdeswell – Committee
Stuart Blows – Committee

All committee members retiring are now formally retired and the new Committee unanimously approved

Jean thanked Mike and Esther for the walk prior to the meeting, the retiring Chairman, David Mason and the retiring committee. Special thanks went to all committee members past and present.

The meeting closed at 12.30pm

P Czepek  13/04/2017



























































New Committee





























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