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Minutes from the AGM held on 22nd March 2018





 Minutes of 33rd  AGM


Chairman’s Report
(Martin Hudson)



















Treasurer’s Report
(Sue Edwards)














Membership Secretary’s report
(Sue Edwards)

Walks Co-ordinator’s report
(Ronnie Bunting)




Walking statistics
(Gill James)
















Election of Officers








Jean Harrison





Allison and Andrew Chalmers, Carole and Tony Newport, Chris and Pam Bartlett, Harry Britten-Austin, Bryan Bunting, Robin and Liz Bailey, Grethe Cleaton, Mary Richards, Jane Wright, Chris Sutton

Welcome to the 34th AGM and thanks to Graham Brown for leading the pre AGM walk

Proposed –Jan Lelievre, seconded – Gill James
Signed as correct. No matters arising


The Chairman thanked members of the walking group who had helped to make his role easier, in particular his predecessor, David Mason, who had kindly agreed to keep sending all the missives round to the group, and John Smart who takes over when David is away. He also thanked the committee who have been very active and supportive, Paula Czepek, Sue Edwards, Ronnie and Bryan Bunting, Sue Dowdsewell, Jan Lelievre and Stuart Blows. Martin was grateful that they had all taken on tasks in addition to attending committee meetings.
He also mentioned Jean Harrison, who, as President, has been a source of advice and reassurance to him when needed. Paula’s term of office ends now, so Martin particularly liked to thank her for her help and diligence which he was sure David Mason would echo for previous years.
Others who deserved a mention were Harry for his unstinting work managing the club website and producing membership cards; Graham (and Pat) for the never-to-be-forgotten barbecue, Diane for organising an enjoyable skittles evening, Sue Edwards and Ronnie Bunting for the Film Night and Stuart and Gill Blows for the New Year Walk. Martin also thanked those kind members who had hosted on Round the Houses Walk – the James’, the Williams’ and Grethe.
Most of all though the people who deserve a special recognition and thanks are those members who lead walks. Without their efforts we wouldn’t have a Group worthy of its name. It takes effort to get out and recce walks and take responsibility for arrangements. We need as many members as possible to get involved and lead. There are lots of walks in the archive and experienced members who will be pleased to help.
There was also special thanks to John and Hilary Smart for their impressive arrangements on last years’ residential and for volunteering to do it all again at Church Stretton this year, for which 35 are now booked.

Martin also reported that this year the committee had-
-produced a new document covering the Group’s main current rules
-agreed an amicable resolution to concerns about use of the Walks Archives
-updated the first aid kits
-produced an accident/ incident form to record important information
-raised £110.41 on the Round the Houses Walk for St Michael’s Hospice
-planned and implemented a busy social calendar of events
-produced a Data Protection Agreement, which members are invited to sign to
authorise the club to use their contact details in order to communicate
legitimate Walking Group information and business, a legal requirement under
EU regulations on May 25 2018


Graham Brown hosted a delicious barbecue at his Gorsley home in August for 68 people paying £5 each for a wonderful lunch. There was a deficit of £21.
In October 39 members braved Storm Brian in Dolgellau for the Walking Weekend at the Holiday Fellowship Hotel. Despite having to change some of the walks because of the atrocious weather we all enjoyed ourselves and the choice for picnic lunches was superb. We had an excellent talk on Birds of Prey. There was a deficit of 54p.
In November Diane Hudson ran another Skittles evening at the Walwyn Arms.32 members had a meal and prizes left a deficit of £13.50.
In Feb Ronnie Bunting organised a showing of the film Wild at the Phoenix Theatre and 29 members attended. This broke even.
Treasurers Report accepted. Proposed-John Smart, Seconded –Stuart Blows

The overall result was an income of £1075 against an expenditure of £775.69 resulting in a surplus of £299.31 for the year. £162 held towards the AGM lunch has to be deducted giving us an actual profit of £137.31
The current account stands at £3857.02. We have to deduct funds held for the 2018 October Walking Weekend of £150 and £162 held for the AGM lunch giving a final balance of £3545.02.

The committee proposed having a flat rate fee of £5 per member for membership, whether a new member or renewing one. £2 for social members.
Agreed – Proposed Gill James, Seconded- David Mason

Members unanimously accepted the Treasurer’s report. Proposed-John Smart, Seconded –Stuart Blows

 A vote of thanks was given to Gill James for auditing the accounts.

At the end of 2016/17 year we had 96 members. 4 members did not renew and sadly one member died. We have welcomed 13 new members during the year giving us a total of 104 members.

Harry Britten-Austin was thanked for producing the new membership cards.

Bryan and Ronnie Bunting thanked all members for their timely and accurate walk submissions over the past 12 months, their task being made easier with the support of Rosemary Sutton and Harry Britten-Austin.
As in previous years the group has walked in Herefordshire and neighbouring counties, including the Brecon Beacons and the Black Mountains. The majority of walks have taken place as planned but some have had to be cancelled and re-scheduled due to adverse weather conditions.
This year has seen some members leading walks for the first time and the Walks Co-ordinators encourage those new to leading walks to speak to them if they would like support. The majority of walks have been submitted online using the form on the website, unusually, one form arrived by post.

There were 85 walks scheduled in our ‘walking year’ with 5 postponed/cancelled and some substitutions on the day due to weather, so 84 were walked in total.

Gill has 125 names on her list, including all paid up and prospective members and guests. 13 paid members have not walked with the Group during the year.  Taken to the nearest whole number, collectively we have walked 535 miles, 53 more than last year, 1,522 have walked - an average of 18 on each walk. 

Walks submitted to the programme, and walked, included:

  • 19 walks under 5 miles,
  • 26 walks between 5 and 6½,
  • 35 between 7 and 8½ and
  • 4 over 9 miles. 

The numbers of walks per Grade were:

  • 4 walks at Grade 1,
  • 26 at Grade 2,
  • 47 at Grade 3
  • 7 at Grade 4

A similar variety of length and grade over the years, bearing in mind that the grade depends on obstacles and not length. 

81 people, compared with 76 last year, have walked less than 25%, with 9 up 5 from last year completing more than 50% of the walks.   However, Mary Richards has completed an amazing 70% that is 58 walks, Gill Moxham has completed 58%, being 48 walks and Grethe Cleaton and Jan Lelievre have both walked 57%, completing 47 walks. 

51 members have lead or co-lead walks with 13 members leading 5 or more walks each during the year. The most prolific leader guiding 18 walks is Mary Richards.  Mike and Esther lead 10, and Jean Harrison, John Smart and Rosemary Sutton have all led 9.  

There being one nomination for each of the vacant positions, the following were elected unopposed:

Martin Hudson – Chairman
Secretary – Jan Lelieve
Sue Edwards – Treasurer/Membership Secretary
Veronica Bunting – Walks Co-ordinator
Sue Dowdeswell – Committee
David Egan - Committee
Stuart Blows – Committee

Chris James –Walkers are Welcome - Involvement from Ross Walking Group has increased over the years and now a number of our members are involved in organising the week. Chris James explained the Draft Planning procedures for the 2019 Ross Walking Festival and the group will be asked for walks and leaders from 1st October this year for the 2019 programme.

Jean thanked Martin and the committee with special thanks to Paula Czepek for her work as an excellent secretary.
Jean informed the group that a past member, Ian Horworthy, had sadly died. A service in his memory to be held at St Mary’s Church.

The meeting closed at 12.40

Paula Czepek 25th March 2018





































































































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