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The Group is to be called the Ross and District Walking Group

1.         To familiarise members with the enjoyment of walking together in the countryside.

  1. To help to preserve all public rights of way.

  2. To observe the Country Code at all times.

There will be three classes of members: Full, Life and Social.

Full membership is open to any person interested in the objectives of the Group.  Potential new members will be invited to join three walks before being proposed and seconded by two existing Full Members and their application submitted to the Committee.

The Committee is empowered to recommend Life Membership, as appropriate, to the Annual General Meeting.

Social membership is only open to those currently in Full membership who are no longer active walkers.  They will benefit from a reduced subscription but will not be entitled to any vote at a General Meeting.

A member may bring a relative or visitor on three walks in any subscription year.

No dogs are permitted on club walks.

The President shall be elected triennially at the Annual General Meeting from amongst the current members.

The Officers of the Group shall be the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer / Membership Secretary and Walks’ Co-ordinator, who shall be elected from amongst the Full Members at the Annual General Meeting each year.

The Management of the Group will be carried out by a Committee comprising the Officers, and THREE ordinary members who shall be elected from amongst the Full Members at the Annual General Meeting each year.  Four members of the Committee, one of which shall be an ordinary member, shall constitute a quorum.  The Committee shall have the power to appoint one or more sub-committees, an acting Chairman from the Committee, when appropriate, and co-opt further members as necessary.

Co-opted members shall not be entitled to a vote on the Committee.

Officers and Committee members shall serve for no more than THREE years consecutively in any one post, unless there are insufficient nominations to apply this rule and any continuation is sanctioned at the Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting is to be held not later than 30 April each year at a time and place as may be determined by the Committee.  A quorum at the Annual General Meeting or any Extra-ordinary Meeting shall be one quarter of the membership.

Extra-Ordinary General Meetings may be convened by the Committee, or on receipt by the Secretary of a request in writing from not less than twenty Full members of the Group.  At least fourteen days notice of the meeting shall be given.

A bank account must be maintained and the bank instructed to accept any two signatures from the three principal officers, i.e. the Chairman, the
Secretary and the Treasurer, for all cheques drawn on the account.  The Treasurer will prepare annual accounts and have them independently audited as agreed at an Annual General Meeting.  The accounts will be presented at an Annual General Meeting for approval

Each member shall pay an annual subscription, the amount to be decided by the Committee and adopted at the Annual General Meeting.  Payment is due at the Annual General Meeting.  If not received by the Treasurer before the end of June, the Committee will consider the membership has lapsed.  New members joining after 1 January will be deemed to have paid their subscriptions for the following year.

The Constitution can only be amended at the Annual General Meeting or at an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting of the Group.  Proposals for amendment must be with the Secretary by 1 February for an Annual General Meeting or 28 days before an Extra-ordinary General Meeting.

Members of the Group whose conduct is inappropriate or who decline to abide by the rules of the Group may be expelled or suspended by a resolution passed at a meeting of the Disciplinary Sub-Committee, consisting of Chairman, Walks’ Co-ordinator and one Committee Member.
Members shall have the right of appeal, in person, to the Appeals Committee consisting of President, Secretary and one Committee Member who is not part of the Disciplinary Sub- Committee.  Notice of such appeal must be made, in writing, within seven days of notification of the decision to suspend / expel.

If, at any General Meeting which contains a quorum, a resolution is passed calling for the dissolution of the Group, a Sub-Committee consisting of Chairman and two other Officers or Committee Members will be formed to discharge any debts and liabilities of the Group.

Any remaining assets shall be transferred to some other voluntary organisation having similar objectives to those of the Group

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