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All walks will meet at Wilton Car Park unless otherwise stated and will leave at the given time.   If you plan to meet the group at the start point check with the leader beforehand as it might have changed. There will be a coffee stop unless otherwise stated.

The Grade Numbers (revised 2014) refer to hazards which may be encountered on a walk such as steep climbs, difficult stiles etc. The distance of the walk for all four grades can be of any length:

Grade 1 - Leisurely walk, generally flat, good paths with few gradients, no stiles/obstacles.  Suitable for all members. (Leisurely)

Grade 2 - Walks for the reasonably fit person.  Paths will be good but a few sections could be muddy, rough or overgrown.  A few obstacles such as stiles and steps may be encountered.  May have gentle ascents/descents.  Suitable for most Members. (Easy)

Grade 3 - Energetic walks suitable for the fit and agile.  Likely to include unsurfaced rural paths, steep paths and open country, ascents and descents as well as obstacles. (Moderate)

Grade 4 - Walks for the experienced walker with above average level of fitness. May include some steep paths, hills and rough country.  Could include significant obstacles as well as ascents and descents. (Strenuous)

When considering going on a walk please refer to the grade and the distance and if it is not suitable for you, don’t go.  If in doubt, ask the leader!

RTVD:              Ramblers Transport Voluntary Donation. 
This is a friendly gesture to help offset some of the driver’s petrol expenses if you share transport.
Please note: For linear walks, all moneys collected go to the Walk Leader to be distributed equally amongst all drivers.  Some drivers take cars without passengers to the end of the walk to assist with the transport and are entitled to a share of the RTVD.


There should be at least two leaders and both should know the walk.  Leaders must keep ALL walkers in sight at all times.   Walkers walk at their own risk.   No dogs are allowed on walks
Leaders will arrange for back markers to keep the group together.  Any instructions from the leaders must be respected and walkers should not walk ahead of the leader.
Public Rights of Way across fields have a maximum of one metre.  Do remember this when walking across a planted field.
When walking on any metalled road do not walk more than two abreast and walk on the right hand side of the road, when safe to do so. 
Leaders should carry the First Aid Kit and they are responsible for passing on the First Aid Kit to the next leaders.  Two whistles are provided in the kit for use by the leaders.  Be aware of the system of signalling with whistles.    One blast means STOP.    Two blasts means STOP AND GO TO THE WHISTLE SOURCE, there is a problem.



















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