Committee Meeting Minutes


Minutes of Meeting held on 10th September 2014

Apologies:  John Pullen

  1.  a. Minutes of meeting on 9th July 2014 approved and signed

b. Matters arising: John S has spoken to Harry about posting details of past walks on the website. He is using past posters to do this and will continue to do so going forward. It was agreed that a note should be put on the walks submission form advising that walk details would be recorded on the website and may be used by other members.

  1. Walks Programmes
  2. Monthly Walks: It was reported that the October/November programme is full. Difficulty of planning walks 2 months ahead was raised and discussed, but decided to stick with 2 month units for now.  A paper outlining the options of 1or 2 months could be put to membership at AGM. Deadline for submissions has been delayed to 25th of preceding month.

John S had tabled a paper on the RTVD as the basis for further discussion following the provisional decision at the previous meeting to change the rate to 5p per mile because of resistance from some members to the 7p rate on longer journeys. He pointed out that the RTVD had been 7p per mile for at least 5 years and AA data confirms that costs have gone up in that time. At the same time we didn’t want to burden members with an excessive rate and recognised that the RTVD was defined by RWG as “a friendly gesture towards petrol costs” and not intended to reimburse full running costs.  Alternatives to the RTVD concept were discussed but unanimously dismissed in favour of retaining the RTVD.  The level of resistance was identified as slight, so It was also agreed unanimously that the RTVD rate of 7p should be re-instated from December.

  1. Walking Weekend 2014: All in hand. Richard Czepek working on final information.
  2. Round the Houses: Denise and Hilary reported that arrangements all in hand.
  3. New Year Walk: John P arranging based on Red Lion at Peterstow.
  4. Walking Weekend 2015:  As requested, Martin had investigated linking in with walking festivals at Swanage and Sidmouth without success. Richard Czepek has offered to make suitable arrangements again and the committee accepted his offer with thanks. Martin agreed to advise him.
  5. Membership still stands at 109 members.
  6. Financial matters:

Bank balance at 10th September 2014          £9,545.78
Less funds held for WW14                               £5,866.00
Net Funds                                                            £3,679.78
Plus 9 sweatshirts                                               £135.00
Net Funds and Assets                                         £3,814.78

30th Anniversary Barbecue
Income:    £420.00 ( - £80 donation = £340 (68@£5 each)
Expenses: £569.37 ( £250/band; £288.90/ Graham/catering; £30.47/David/ thank you presents)
Deficit:    - £149.37

  1. Social matters:
  2. Review Barbecue – All thought it a splendid event. David to write to Harry, Graham and Grethe to thank them.  The band thanked us!
  3. Annual Dinner – David reported that the Chase was best offer – own dining room, lounge and bar; 3 course meal + coffee and mints for £25 per head. David to book April 15/16 as available and send booking form out in January.
  4. AOB

*Share Stall with Ramblers at Christmas Fair? Denise suggested an article in the Ross Gazette/ Voice with a report on the New Year Walk would be better publicity. Agreed to decline Ramblers’ offer.
*John S suggested committee minutes should go on website. Martin said he was not against this, but committee had recently decided against this and minuted accordingly.  He agreed to check the minutes to see if any reasoning was noted;  (Martin has subsequently reported that the decision was recorded in the minutes of the  April 11th 2014 meeting, but no reasoning).  The committee decided unanimously to reverse their earlier decision and send the approved minutes to the Webmaster   within one month of each meeting. The Secretary will circulate draft minutes to the committee for comment and a send a finalised copy to the Chairman for approval and onward conveyance to the Webmaster.
* It was also agreed that the names of Committee members and office should be posted on the website
* Virginia to check that correct guidance for walk leaders is on the website.
8.  Date and time of next meeting: 2pm Wednesday, November 12th


Martin Hudson
RWG Secretary
30th September 2014




















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