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Minutes of Meeting held on 11th January 2016




Minutes of 12th Oct 2015

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Wilton car park


Big Path Watch

David Mason, Barry Sleet, John Pullen, Rosemary Sutton, Virginia Jensen, John Smart, Hilary Smart, Paula Czepek, 

Approved and signed




The programme for the next two months is looking healthier with a number of walks submitted
Insufficient submission of walks
Concern was raised re the lack of walks submitted. Although the situation has changed in the last few weeks encouraging new members to submit walks was discussed at some length. It was decided -

  1. Confident leaders should be encouraged to invite new, or less confident potential leaders, to co-lead with them
  2. At the beginning of walks leaders could talk to the group gathered at Wilton, encouraging them to think about supporting each other to fill the programme
  3. Promote the submission of more level 2 walks over a programme so there is a balance of grade difficulties

 David Mason will mention the above in his next newsletter and at the AGM in March.

Rosemary Sutton produced statistics re walks submitted
86% of members walked
50% of members led 1 or more walk
20% of members led 5 or more walks
7% of members led 7 or more walks
4% of members led 10 or more walks


There are 105 members. 2 members have resigned but we have gained 2 new members

Bank balance at 5th January 2016    £3599.73
7 sweatshirts at £5                                    35.00
Net funds and assets                          £3634.73
The committee has agreed to a second year at half the rate membership fee for existing members



Annual dinner – information will be passed to members with the next newsletter
Walking weekend –details of the walking weekend have been distributed to members. John and Hilary Smart have a team of leaders to support them in their organisation of walks.

21st March 2016  Larrruperz Centre
DM has booked Richard Walker to give a talk on The Brontes of Haworth, with reference to the moors and walks on the moors.
The minutes of the last AGM and the agenda will be distributed along with nomination forms for new committee members. Members wishing to continue in their role need to complete a nomination form. Minutes and forms will be sent out with the Chairman’s newsletter and members will be asked to submit anything they wish to raise at the AGM prior to the meeting.

Refreshments will be provided.


RWG president
John Pullen has served 3 years as President and is stepping down this year. The committee agreed on a suitable representative of RWG who will be approached by the Chairman.
The Chairman and committee thanked John for his support over the last three years.

Members to be reminded in the newsletter that the fee will be £1 per day from 1st Feb


John Smart explained the App, Big Path Watch, organised by The Ramblers. He felt it was an excellent tool to use on a Smartphone or ipad whilst walking if a leader wishes to contribute to the programme. Easy to use the information fed into the programme is sent to The Ramblers then onto companies in charge of maintenance. Once the information is sent the area chosen is released again, allowing information on paths to be continually updated. Unfortunately the information feed into the App cannot be saved by the person entering the data.

Date of next meeting will be discussed at the AGM


P Czepek Jan 2016



































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