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Minutes of Meeting held on 11th October 2017





Minutes of July 19th ‘17

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Jean Harrison, Martin Hudson, Ronnie Bunting, Sue Edwards, Sue Dowdeswell, Jan Lelievre, Stuart Blows, Paula Czepek,




Minutes signed as correct


  • New Members Information sheet. An information sheet entitled ‘Welcome to the Ross and District Walking Group’ has been produced and approved by the committee. This will be sent to all members as an attachment to Chairman’s Chat, a paper copy will be given out with new membership cards and it will be added to the webpage.
  • 1st Aid Kit. Some members have queried the point of carrying the kit. The committee all felt the kit should be carried (see minutes of July 19th). The contents will be checked.
  • Archive. No walks have been withdrawn from the archive. Rosemary Sutton was thanked for adding leader initials to many of the past walks.

Walks have been submitted for the Oct/Nov programme after the cut off date. Although they have been added this time in future this will not happen, members will be asked to choose another date.
Members submitting walks must confirm the draft details or advise of amendments before the cut off date. If this does not happen the walks will not go into the programme.
There are only three walks in addition to Round the Houses for December and one walk for January. A reminder has been sent out and the request will be added to Chairman’s Chat.

Membership stands at 102, this comprises of 50 single members, 25 joint members and 2 social members

Account balance £5679.92  This includes £1575 deposit money for the 2018 Walking Holiday in 2018 and £42 for the skittles evening on 13th November.
Net Funds £4062.92

  • Skittles Evening 13th November – plans are in place. Members will be reminded of the closing date in Chairman’s Chat
  • Round the Houses  7th December – organised. There will be a collection for St Michaels Hospice
  • New Year Walk 4th January 2018 – Walwyn Arms has been booked for lunch. Stuart Blows will plan the pre lunch walk
  • Film Night 7th February 2018 – A form will go out to members for securing a seat at £5 per head to watch the film ‘Wild’. The bar will be open
  • AGM – A request will go out for a member to lead a pre lunch walk which finishes at Ross Golf Club. MH/PC to visit the Club in the New Year to discuss catering.
  • Ceilidh – Plans will be made for a ceilidh in 2018
  • Walking Holiday 2017- It was agreed that a speaker for the 1st night would be a good idea. The HF Manager recommended ‘Airborne Warriors’ featuring use of falcons for pest control. This was thought to be a good idea. David Mason has offered to prepare a quiz, this was gratefully accepted
  • Walking Holiday 2018 – November 6th 2017 is the deadline for booking places on the 2018 walking holiday in Church Stretton


Sue Edwards was thanked for the venue and refreshments.

Next meeting Friday 12th January 2018
Garden Cottage
The Avenue

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