Committee Meeting Minutes


Minutes of Meeting held on 12th November 2014

1 Apologies – All present, plus Richard Czepek for the item on the Residential Week-end 2015.

2a. Accuracy had already been agreed by the committee prior to their posting on the website. They are therefore not draft minutes (Secretary to ask Webmaster to amend this). Note: AGM minutes are draft until approved by the membership at the following AGM.
2b. The President cautioned that committee minutes should be positively agreed in writing by all committee members before they are posted on the website in order to avoid any future misunderstandings.

3 Walks Programmes
3a. Monthly Walks – Several documents including December/ January walks programme had been sent out in various formats which committee agreed we needed to avoid in future.  The solution appears to be to send documents out as attachments to a covering email.  David to clarify with Bob.  Rosemary to answer members’ queries on this. Denise delivers hard copies asap to those not on email.
3b. Round the Houses – has been recce’d and plans are in hand.
3c. New Year Walk – Harry and Graham are now organising this, based at the Yew Tree pub in Peterstow. Information has been circulated and food orders are required by 19th December.
3d. Walking Week-end 2015
Richard explained the criteria he had used in coming up with his proposals: A package that was available to all; a base price in the range of £60 - £70 pppn half-board; a supply of single rooms and twins to share; a coastal location as a change from inland walks around Ross.  The committee agreed with these premises. After initial wide research, Richard had honed the options down to two – Bridport or Sidmouth. Accommodation arrangements in Sidmouth appeared unsatisfactory and the walks stiff, so attention focused on Bridport. The Eypes Mouth Hotel there offered a reasonable package and we could take all their rooms on October 5-7th. Additional singles were available in  adjacent holiday cottages, with meals taken in the hotel. A variety of walks are possible in the area and Richard proposed to form a group of leaders to check these out. The committee agreed unanimously that Richard be asked to take this option forward.

4. Membership
This still stands at 109 although there is another one in the pipeline. A question was raised about membership fees for people joining half-way through the year. It was pointed out that members joining after January1st get the remaining 3 months of this year rolled in with the whole of next.

5. Financial Matters
Bank balance at 12 November    £3,701.79
Plus value of 9 sweatshirts                135.00
Net funds and assets                     £3,836.79
Walking Week-end 2014 surplus       £32.01

6. Social Matters
Chairman has booked the Chase for our Annual Dinner on 16 April. Hilary agreed to manage arrangements for it.

7. AOB
The Annual General Meeting is on 23rd March at the Larruperz Centre. The papers need to go out in January. The committee members need to be re-proposed and seconded even though they are still within their 3 year terms, except for the Secretary who has served his full term. A new Secretary needs to be identified. The Chairman will investigate this and look for a speaker. The committee decided against proposing one month programmes rather than the current two months.

8. The next meeting will be at 2pm on Wednesday 7th January 2015

Martin Hudson,

RWG Secretary,

17th November 2014





















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