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Minutes of Meeting held 16th July 2018




Minutes of 16 April 18


Matters arising

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Walking Holiday Update




















Next Meeting


Martin Hudson, Sue Edwards, Jan Lelièvre, Stuart Blows, Ronnie Bunting, David Egan

Jean Harrison,  Sue Dowdeswell


Minutes signed as correct.


The action point to check if the Chairman’s Chat notes are sent to members who do not use the internet is carried forward.
Ross Golf Club has been booked as the venue for the next AGM on 28 March 2019.

The next walks programme is almost ready to be issued. There is one gap in August and 4 gaps in the September list.

The possibility of having the date for the next programme deadline on the advance programme was requested and will be considered.

There are currently 104 members, 97 full time and 7 social members. We have 2 new members.


Account balance £4053.66

Ideas to reduce the bank balance were discussed and the Committee agreed

  • To provide a free buffet lunch for all members who attend the next AGM.
  • Prizes to be awarded for the walker who has completed the most walks during the year and for the leaders who have led the most walks.
  • The possibility of group membership of OS Maps online will be investigated.

A quiz with a light supper to be considered for the Autumn.
The possibility of holding the annual Round The Houses in Ledbury on 11 December to be researched.
The New Year walk and lunch is likely to be from The Walwyn Arms on 3 January 2019.
A skittles evening to be considered for March 2019.

36 members will be attending the Church Stretton holiday. 10 walks have been selected with 2 walks on day 1, 3 walks on days 2 and 3, and 2 walks on day 4. These will cover all grades.

The HF holiday in Dovedale has been booked for 21 to 24 June 2019 and 36 places have been taken up by RWG members. An initial recce will be undertaken later this summer.

Any other members who would like to attend either of these holidays should contact Hilary Smart. As this is a change from previous advice, it will be mentioned in Chairman’s Chat.

Payment of expenses to those who recce the walks for walking holidays was discussed and it was agreed that fuel costs of 7p per mile and £25 per person per night (when the holiday location requires an overnight stay) should be paid, starting with recces for the Dovedale holiday. Chairman to advise organisers.


  • The current layout of the RWG website was discussed and it was agreed the tabs need to be reorganised to include a walking holiday section and/or an events tab and to consider how it can be amended to make it more user friendly, easier to navigate and more appropriate for the members current needs. John Smart and Harry Britten-Austin to be asked to undertake this task. Harry will also be asked to update the photos on the Home page and the Membership tab.
  • The suggestion to post Chairman’s Chat notes on the website was discussed and it was agreed it was inappropriate as the information is for members only and it is sent direct to members by email or post.
  • The content of the incident reporting form has been revised following helpful comments from its first user and it will be put into a more user friendly format before being posted on the website. Copies will be placed in the first aid kits.

Following the incident in April, it was agreed that guidance and/or training for members on leading walks and dealing with incidents would be helpful and may encourage more new and existing members to lead walks. This will be researched and recommendations made.

  • The use of PDF files was discussed as they are not always appropriate. It was suggested Word should be used in future for forms, if the content can be protected to enable completion without the original being altered.


Friday 5 October, 10am, Flat 2, Cradoc House, Gloucester Road, Ross On Wye, HR9 5LR

Sue Edwards was thanked for hosting the meeting and for refreshments.





















































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