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Minutes of Meeting held on 18th May 2015

Ross Walking Group – Committee Meeting – 2pm Monday, May 18th 2015




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David Mason, John Pullen, Rosemary Sutton, Virginia Jensen, John Smart, Hilary Smart, Paula Czepek,   + Richard Czepek, Diane Hudson

Barry Sleet

Approved and Signed. No matters arising not discussed elsewhere


Richard asked for the committee to thank the walk leaders who had accompanied him to Eypes. They were a tremendous support. He described the walks that have been finalised and the logistics of the planned weekend. All the details are now in a letter for those going on the trip.

As he has enjoyed organising the trip, Richard offered to organise the trip for 2016 but requested that if he did so, he would like to know ASAP so he can start looking for accommodation.

DM thanked Richard for organising the trip

The committee agreed that Richard’s offer should be accepted.


Programme for next two months looking full but Aug/Sept have very few walks.



It was agreed that Ross is better for hosting the event. PC offered to organise and will seek the support of a resident of Ross


It was agreed that finding a member who is willing to organise this ASAP is important as a venue for lunch can be difficult


Resignations from 5 members. 4 new members with another one to join. 94 members have renewed their subscriptions, 16 members have not done so despite 2 reminders. It was agreed that if these members haven’t rejoined by the end of May then they will be removed from the membership list.


A gratuity was paid to The Chase Hotel at the Annual Dinner giving a deficit of £80. A total of £775 has been taken in deposits for the Walking Weekend of 2015. A deposit of £725 has been paid to the hotel and expenses of £120 giving a temporary deficit of £70.
Bank Balance 18th May- £3,855.81
Plus 8 sweatshirts £120
Net funds and assets - £3,975.81


It was agreed that this item should only be discussed again in the near future if there was a dramatic increase/decrease in fuel costs. JS tabled a comprehensive sheet that looked at costing over the last 8 years. He had calculated the pro rata adjustment was now 6.4p per mile. Discussion covered the following points – the driver may receive up to 28p per mile, depending on how many passengers they are transporting – RTVD should only cover fuel costs and not any other costs that the driver incurs running their car – does the cost need changing for longer distances, ie, does the cost put some members off?

DM proposed that the RTVD remains the same at 7p per mile. This was unanimously agreed.


Diane Hudson has kindly agreed to co-ordinate this for 2015. Grethe has offered the use of her garden and Diane has the contact details of a band. It was agreed that

  • Diane co-ordinate Harry for Gazebos’, the band and Grethe
  • everyone provide their own picnic, cutlery, cups, blankets etc
  • A nominal charge of £2.50pp
  • To be held at the beginning of Sept

DM thanked Diane for co-ordinating  the event



Virginia tabled her proposals as presented at the AGM. After discussion it was agreed to

  • Promote the use of middle markers when there are 20+ walkers so that groups stay together better under the guidance of the leaders
  • Encourage members, if they wish, to lead walks on other days of the week as an addition to Tuesday and Thursday walks
  • That more than one walk can be advertised on any of the walking days
  • Virginia’s notes on ‘Information for Walk Leaders’ to be posted at the beginning of each walking programme


Possibility of taking responsibility for part of the Herefordshire Trail discussed. To move this forward it was agreed that DM will write to Herefordshire Council on behalf of the club to request guidance as to how we can support the Council in maintaining a section of the trail and any implications that this may have.


JS –     the names of the committee on the website need updating
JS -      AGM draft minutes need to posted on the website






21st March 2016


Monday 20th July at 2pm  - May House, Mill Orchard, Weston Under Penyard HR97PE



Signed as correct ........................................................


PC 18th May 2015












PC to inform RC


RS to remind members of the deadlines via email




DM to request for a volunteer
















DH to inform DM of any plans she has confirmed





DM to add this to Chairman’s letter

VJ to pass notes to RS







DM – to speak to Harry re 2014 minutes

PC to arrange for 2015 minutes to be posted



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