Committee Minutes


Ross Walking Group – Committee Meeting – 2pm Monday 20th July 2015 Minutes



Minutes of 18th May

Matters arising














Social Matters


















Next Committee meeting







David Mason, John Pullen, Rosemary Sutton, Virginia Jensen, John Smart, Hilary Smart, Paula Czepek,  Barry Sleet


Approved and Signed.


New Year’s Day Walk
DM has not, as yet, requested for a volunteer, this will be done ASAP.

Actions from AGM

  1. VJ has published the guidelines for leaders via the website and Chairman’s Newsletter. It is thought that the latest edition of the guidelines is not on the website.
  2. DM has contacted the Rights of Way Officer but has not received a reply. The scheme ‘Path Watch’, run by The Ramblers, and the role of Parish Footpath Officers was discussed as alternative ways of monitoring footpaths. DM will follow up his correspondence with the Rights of Way Officer. 

Programme for Aug/Sept has been published. At the moment there is only 1 walk for Oct and 2 for Nov. Members are reminded of deadlines via RS and Chairman’s Newsletter. Discussion took place as to whether walks could be slotted in after publication. It was agreed that RS will monitor how many walks are submitted after the closing date and after the programme has been published. Depending on the outcome a decision will be made about late entries.

11 members have resigned and we have 5 new members, making a total of 104.

Bank Balance as of 18th May   £6535.90
Plus 8 sweatshirts                      £120
Net Funds and Assets                £6655.90
WW15 funds held                £2775

Net Funds                                    £3880.90

To sell the sweatshirts quickly they will be advertised in the Chairman’s Newsletter for £5 each

  1. Picnic

A few tickets have been sold. It was agreed that it would be a nice gesture to have cakes and/or ice cream as part of the day and would be an added incentive. A request for the number of gazeboes required came from Harry.

  1. Round the Houses

PC has arranged to organise this with Ronnie Bunting

  1. New Year’s Day Walk

See Matters Arising

  1. Annual Dinner

The Chase Hotel on Thursday 14th April 2016

Two walks on the same day

Members have been informed about the decision in the Chairman’s Newsletter of 9th July. RS will inform leaders if two walks have been requested for the same day and will encourage the leaders to discuss this between them.

  1. Communication

JS suggested that the Chairman’s newsletter should be published after the Committee Minutes have been approved. This will enable members to have information sooner. Unanimously agreed.
VJ requested that DM informed members of any past or present members death/funeral arrangements if he had them so those who wished to, could attend.

  1. Insurance

The club is covered for walking and cycling activities and social events unless members erect a stage or use a PA system. The insurance company will be asked if guest walkers are covered for up to 3 walks, when they may become members.

Water activities are not covered.

Monday October 12th at 2pm – Linton House, Bromsash HR97PP


Signed as correct ........................................................


PC 20th July 2015






DM to request for a volunteer


VJ to check
















HS to liaise with DH


HS to book venue











 DM to discuss with Harry





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