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Minutes of Meeting held on 26th April 2017




Minutes of Jan 9th 2017

Matters arising

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Jean Harrison, Martin Hudson, Ronnie Bunting, Bryan Bunting, Sue Edwards Sue Dowdeswell, Jan Lelievre, Stuart Blows, Paula Czepek,


Martin welcomed all onto the new committee. Minutes of Jan 2017 signed as correct

Discussed under later headings


The programme for the next few months is well underway. Bryan is experiencing access problems re the software used to administer the walks programme. He has sought the help and advice from several members in the hope of resolving the situation as soon as possible, including the possible purchasing of new software. Bryan will report back once he has some progress. In the meantime, Rosemary Sutton is happy to help to ensure the programme is updated and posted regularly.


Most of the subscriptions for 2017-18 have been collected. Eighty six members have paid. Seven more have indicated that they will renew. Three members have resigned and two more have not replied to date. We have at least four new members.

The bank balance at the AGM was £3417.71.Monies paid in total £362. Cheques paid out £385.82. Balance should be £3393.89. The bank is in the process of transferring statements to the new treasurer.

Walking Holiday (Matters Arising update)
John and Hilary Smart made a 3 day visit to Dolgellau at the end of March. They visited the HF centre of Dolserau Hall and have collected a substantial number of walks which will be whittled down to a final list. The outline of the walks will be published in the summer. 36 members have paid deposits which mean there are still 3 places available. The vacancies will be advertised in Chairman’s Chat.


BBQ   Graham Brown has kindly offered to organise and host a Club BBQ in September. It was agreed that this would be an excellent social event. The Chairman will contact Graham.


Film Evening   Sue Dowdeswell and Ronnie Bunting suggested a film evening with buffet. Sue Edwards suggested that this could take place at the Phoenix Theatre. All three will look into organising an evening in the New Year.


Annual Dinner   After some discussion it was agreed that a ceilidh with buffet would be an excellent alternative to an Annual Dinner. Martin will look into this and suggest it to members.

Skittles   After an extremely successful skittles evening last year Diane Hudson has kindly offered to organise a similar social. This was felt to be an excellent idea and Diane will be approached to go ahead with the event.

AGM venue   It was felt that Ross Golf Club with a walk and lunch was an excellent idea for the AGM and could be repeated for another year. 2018 AGM will take place on Thursday March 22nd. The secretary will approach the Golf Club.

Grading For Walks  (Matters Arising AGM)
After some discussion it was agreed that walk descriptions should be more specific with the mechanics of the walk and justify the grading. It is important to mention if sections of the walk are different to the overall grade. This will be monitored.

Job Descriptions
David Mason has offered to continue to send out emails to members and postal information for those who require it. John Smart will be included in this to take over if David is away.

David Mason will be the HF contact for the Club

Sue Edwards will keep Martin, David and John up to date with email and postal addresses

Ronnie Bunting will be ‘the face’ of the Walks Programme; Bryan Bunting will run the IT programme. Walks details will be sent out via David Mason/John Smart

All committee members are invited to represent members’ views in discussions and generally assist with committee work

The ‘Mug Shot’ pictures will continue to be informal

Health and Safety
Sue Dowdeswell raised some concern about leaders being responsible for walkers crossing the road.
Use of emergency SMS was felt to be a good idea if members would wish to register their mobile phones.
Heartstart would be re advertised to members

It was agreed that all the Health and Safety points above would be on the next agenda as part of a review of the ‘New Members Pack’

Dates for the Diary
Round the Houses 7th December 2017
New Year Walk  4th January 2018
Volunteers to organise these will be sought


Wednesday 19th July 2017   2pm
Flat 2  Cradoc House  Gloucester Road  HR9 5LR



















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